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September 18, 2010
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2 - Got a problem? by Eun-su 2 - Got a problem? by Eun-su
Police blockade :iconlolzcatplz: previous story lines: though the characters are different.. i dont like to draw the same

* * *

The officer winced and put the driver's license into his own pocket. Ei-en's eyes widened in shock.
- what's wrong?
- get out of the car, NOW.

The cop said something on the radio and got a gun.

Ei-en slowly opened the door and went out, holding hands up.
- what's up, officer?! - he muttered, confused.

As soon as he got out he was pressed face down on a car by several men. Ei-en heard the others were searching his car hastily.
- got it!
Ei-en tried to turn but suddenly got hit hard with the back of the gun.

* * *


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